10 best airlines in the world

When you organize a trip, and once you have chosen the destination you want to go to, you must decide which airline to travel to. There are many and for different destinations; some travel to specific cities and others travel all over the globe. To help you with the election, in this travel blog we tell you which are the best airlines in the world so that you enjoy your trip as never before.

In choosing which airline to travel with, many times the cost of the ticket is more influenced or if we prefer to fly to the destination we want to visit. But, if you have the possibility to choose between one and the other, we recommend these 10 companies considered the best airlines in the world.

10 best airlines in the world


It is based in Dubai, flies to 148 destinations in more than 80 countries and is synonymous with avant-garde and excellence. In addition, it is considered one of the best for its impeccable service on board. It was founded in 1985 and has the highest capacity of Premium seats per km. In addition, its on-board entertainment system offers 1800 channels of entertainment, including 400 films from around the world in several languages, hundreds of hours of TV and music and a lot of video games. The food is another of their specialties: their menus continually impress with specialties of the region. The first passengers also have access to the bar; have television with live programming and showers in their suites. And as if this were not enough,

Qatar Airways

Based in Doha, the Qatari company is considered one of the best airlines, especially in the Middle East. It has more than 140 destinations worldwide, is a member of the one world Alliance, and has a modern fleet (with more than 100 aircraft, including Airbus A380 and A350, the world’s largest commercial aircraft) and excellent services. In addition, he was awarded the Best Business Class Seat award by Skirted World Airline and features a meal menu designed by Master Chefs Nobu Matsuhisa and Vineet Bhati . In addition to this, your luggage registration process is simpler: you can print the card for your suitcase at home.

Many airlines have menus developed by famous chefs

Go New Zealand

The New Zealand airline is considered one of the best, not only for its innovations on board, but also for the financial results it registers year after year, its safety and the warm treatment of the members of its crews towards the passengers. In addition, it is one of the airlines with the best class “Economy-Premium” , allows passengers to buy up to 3 adjacent seats so that they can create a very comfortable armchair to travel and has some of the most popular security videos among travelers , Such as those starring Betty White, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, or JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth creatures (referring to The Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand).

Qantas Airways

The Australian airline has been operating since 1920, making it the 3rd oldest airline in the world, and has always been ranked among the best. From Sydney it flies to 40 destinations and offers economy class passengers 2 times bigger and more varied food rations . In addition, it allows all travelers in their aircraft to choose the dishes they would like to eat before flying. It also has seats with adjustments for massage , in the Business class; and seats with hammock-style footrests in economy class. All this is designed so that flights of 16 hours or more to Sydney, and many other destinations in Australia, are pleasant and very comfortable.

The best airlines in the world have plenty of space between seats for the convenience of travelers

The best airlines in the world have plenty of space between seats for the convenience of travelers

Turkish Airlines

When it was founded in 1933, the company only had 5 airplanes. Today it flies to more countries in the world than any other airline (105 in total, 243 destinations on all 5 continents) and has 261 aircraft. In addition, he is a member of Star Alliance and has won the award for Best Airline of Europe 5 years in a row. Its services include an on-board chef who serves not only a wide range of Turkish dishes, but also international cuisine, and even special orders can be made since the “flying chef” takes into account that the orders conform to the Wishes of the passengers of the Business class; Unlimited high-speed Internet access ; And touch screens with a wide variety of entertainment (400 movies, 1000 music CDs, radio,


It is one of the largest airlines in Europe, and its service and quality are exceptional. Founder of the Star Alliance network, the German company seeks to focus on customer amenities, offering broadband Internet access on 90% of its long-haul flights , some of the most spacious and adjustable seats in the world. Industry for economy class and live televised sports events. It has received the international award Five Star Diamond reason why it is considered within the best airlines of the world; Has exquisite menus, even children’s and special for people allergic, diabetic or vegetarian; Recent cinematic successes, classic cinema, music and games within the entertainment on board, Both on integrated seat screens and on the Lufthansa Entertainment App on shorter flights; And even doctors on board, associated with the “Doctor on board” program.

L Unlimited and high-speed Internet access is one of the services offered by the best airlines in the world

Singapore Airlines

Its base of operations is located at Changi Airport in Singapore, which is one of the best in the world. It was founded in 1972 and has 5 stars in quality, excellence in service and innovation. Its presence is very strong in Asia and the Pacific. Its goal is to always maintain a fleet of new aircraft, so it renews them constantly and was the first to have the Airbus A380. Unlike other airlines, Singapore has several classes , in addition to the classic ones: Tourist, Premium Tourist, Business, First and Suites (the latter are really rooms with bed and everything). Imagine yourself in Business class, sleeping comfortably in one of the seats that recline almost completely ! In addition, passengers can watch movies and series on 13.3 “and HD screens.

Cathay Pacific Airways

This Asian airline is based in Hong Kong, flies to 59 countries and is considered one of the most modern. It has a premium service of excellence and a worldwide network of connections to 190 cities. Their cabins were totally renovated, with seats arranged to extend without disturbing the neighboring passengers ; and have also modernized their food service: the company has worked with some of Hong Kong ‘s finest restaurants to create menus inspired by the region .

Etched Airways

It is the second airline of the United Arab Emirates, behind Emirates. It has a fleet of over 100 aircraft and flies to 120 destinations. One of its main characteristics is that it offers some of the most luxurious services in the sector , which makes it one of the most recognized. Its suites and butler service on board in the Premium sector are praised around the world. These “flying butlers” were trained at the Savoy Hotel in London for 3 weeks, learning etiquette, protocol, valet and concierge. They only work in the most luxurious cabin in the industry, “The Residence”, which has 3 rooms with double bed, living area and shower cubicle. In addition to this cabin, Etched airplanes feature luxury wardrobes, personal wardrobes and private suites.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

This Japanese airline flies to more than 80 destinations, many of them international. In addition, it is famous for the customization of its planes with different themes : after signing an agreement with Walt Disney, they decorated an airplane like the character R2-D2 of Star Wars. ANA will be able, for the next 5 years, to use the image of the characters of the films in their decorations, to sell exclusive merchandising and to be the first aviation company to include the six films of the saga in its entertainment system on board. In addition, ANA has a unique system of seat movement inside the cabin, which allows not disturbing the neighboring passengers.

Now that you know the best airlines in the world , buy your next flight , get on the plane and enjoy all the amenities offered. Be sure to check out this travel blog to find out more tips, secrets of your favorite destinations and more.

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