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My biggest motivation in traveling is to know the culture, the different landscapes and especially to experience the particular flavors of the meals of each place.

When traveling, one of the most entertaining things is to enjoy the local gastronomy. Many times they are extravagant and very different from the one we are used to, but for the risky ones who like to try new things, I leave these tips so that they can choose a good place.

5 tips for choosing a good local food restaurant on your trip

  1. If you see a lot of people or few seats are available

This indicates that the local people are choosing this restaurant over others. Their preferences give us a clue as to which places are good and meet their expectations, besides being the taste of the place, which often shows us the good taste of those lands.

  1. Type of food offered

Many times when we travel we see a local food that catches our attention, and we enter without looking at what kind of food they have. In many places we will find international restaurants, where we will be trying food from other parts of the world and not the native one of the place.

  1. Menus and prices at the entrance of restaurants

Looks are deceiving. Some restaurants usually provide the menu along with the prices on their front, which is something that we must clearly check before sitting down to eat, as we can take a surprise with locals who look luxurious, but in fact, the prices are affordable. In many places they offer the “Menu of the day” which includes several dishes and usually cheaper prices.

  1. Using mobile applications

We have the technology on our side so we can use it to help us make a good decision. We have for example Foursquare, where we can filter restaurants in a radius indicated and orders them by “average price”. Urban spoon, similar to the previous one, limited to operation only in certain English-speaking countries. Trip advisor is also useful when checking out a restaurant, as it has constant feedback from people who visited the place.

  1. If you have any recognition

There are several companies that are dedicated to evaluating restaurants around the world, and you as a diner can check it. In almost all places that have the recognition, they have a sticker at the entrance or inside the premises. We have the Michelin guide (usually the most expensive, but also the best), some recognition of Trip Advisor (awards given in valuation of people who were in the local), GuiaRepsol in Spain, among others.

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