9 tips for drinking alcohol on a cruise free or almost

9 tips for drinking alcohol on a cruise free or almost Is it possible to drink free alcohol on a cruise? Before making the reservation many cruise passengers inquire and try to find out in specialized pages and internet forums the price of alcoholic beverages of a certain shipping company whose itinerary or boat they are about to hire. There are even some who prefer to book directly with the shipping companies that offer the All Inclusive from the time of booking or if you can hire such option on board the boat.

Other cruisers, however, study the different promotions of packages of alcoholic beverages to see if one suits their interests and their pocket, hiring a limited number of bottles at a certain price, much more profitable than the unit cost.

9 tips on how to drink free alcohol on a cruise or almost. #cruise ships

With this article I will give some premises that will help the passengers to be able to get their favorite drink at a much more advantageous price than the cards of the bars of a cruise ship.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise


Drink free alcohol on a cruise 1. SHIPPING COMPANIES ALL INCLUSIVE:

There are a number of cruise lines offering cruises all inclusive with the price of the reservation. Do not think it only happens with general shipping companies (Pullmantur), some of the most luxurious, such as Sea bourn or Regent Seven Seas, also offer the free drink with the price of the reservation. With the arrival (and perpetuating) the other shipping crises (Costa Cruises, IberoCruceros, MSC Cruises,) have begun to offer the optional IT package that can be hired from the agency or already embarked.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise drink free alcohol on a cruise 2. PACKAGES OF DRINKS ON BOARD

The cruise companies have a series of packages – wine, beer, – by which their customers can choose to hire them with a price significantly lower than the letter. In some cases, for example, it is still curious how a cruise ship is wandering around the ship with a bucket full of beer bottles because they give the whole package at the time. You can find all packages available either the shipping company’s website or in your cabin the first day of boarding.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise 3. LOYALTY PROGRAMS TO SHIPPING

Many cruise liners have details with repeat customers on their fleet boats. The more cruises a cruise ship performs with a certain shipping line, the greater the number of gestures. Thus, companies will invite the faithful cruiser and his companion to cocktails with the captain, bottles of wine, free drinks in the minibar or discounts on some wine packages.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise 4. LOGBOOK

Cruisers aboard cruise ships should pay special attention to their onboard journals, because some shipping companies offer a half-price cocktail -cocktail of the day- or even offer 2 × 1 (known as ” BOGO in the North American market) for a certain period of time.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise 5. TASTINGS AND HOLIDAYS

Attend to any tastings or parties organized on board a ship during a cruise. The tastings are usually of different alcoholic drinks, like beer or wine, and a cruise ship can taste a high number of these at a much lower price than the one of the letter of drinks. In some parties the waiters will circulate with glasses of champagne; if you are invited to one of those parties get the glass, it’s free.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise 6. ART AUCTIONS

Many shipping companies organize art auctions during their cruises. What better way to get happy bidders if they are entertained with free glasses of wine? A good time to take something and watch the auction.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise 7. CRUISE PASSENGERS STAYING IN SUITES

Guests staying in suites can also get free drinks. These cruisers should check if there are special conditions for them: access to certain clubs, happy hours,

Drink free alcohol on a cruise 8. SERVICE CABIN

Some shipping companies offer better prices when you order a bottle through the cabin service. Not all of them do and saving varies according to companies, but it costs nothing to find out and so you can have a cocktail without having to queue to order and saving extra money.

Drink free alcohol on a cruise 9. BRING THE WINE FROM HOME

Cruise ships can ship a number of bottles of wine to be consumed aboard the ship. It is true that although you can bring bottles of wine on board, many shipping companies have a fee for uncorking if you want to drink that wine in restaurants.

If you follow these tips you will avoid the temptation to illegally drink on the most ridiculous forms possible, as was the case of a couple I met on a cruise 2011, who introduced a bottle of shampoo as a container for the alcoholic beverage Which they liked most.

Do you know of any other way to get drinks at a more advantageous price on board a cruise ship?

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