Hotel classification, from one to five stars

Hotel classification, from one to five stars. When we are traveling we find hotels of all kinds: from modest to super luxury hotels and we can see that most are classified from three to five stars even if the classification starts from a star.

How to know what service and quality will offer each accommodation according to this rating? What services do hotels include and do not according to their score? Discover the details behind the stars.

The World Tourism Organization is responsible for determining and unifying the criteria for hotel classification, but as this work is in process, each country now decides the bases and requirements that hotels and lodging must meet to reach the stars that are You can see it in almost every hotel entrance.

The classic and best known rating to know what services each hotel has is determined by the number of stars it has. Stars can range from one to five, although generally one and two star sites do not show their rating, but are known to be the most economical and least amenable.

Hotel classification, from one to five stars

The type of hotel that each traveler chooses depends exclusively on the needs and tastes he has, but it is always good to be informed about what you can find in a hotel depending on its stars. With small variations depending on the region and country in which you travel, the classification of hotels is as follows:

One star hotels ★

These hotels are always the cheapest and the least services. You will have a private room, sometimes with private bathroom and others with shared bathroom. They are strictly functional – just for sleeping and traveling – and have no cleaning service. The furniture is usually a bed and a chair, and sometimes you can find a closet and a table light.

One-star hotels are usually small spaces with no spectacular views, but where you can make sure you have a rest. Services such as TV and telephone can be shared in the central hall of the building. Most hotels in this category are located in residences or small buildings and do not have a large structure for leisure. Finally, they are usually located in distant areas of the city center or town, but the cost of being there justifies the distance many times.

Two star hotels ★★

These medium-class hotels offer a private bathroom and a larger living space with some extra furniture, such as a wardrobe or table and chairs. They usually have food and drink service, although at cut times and with basic menus.

They are almost always located in the central area of the city, although the landscape they offer is not very attractive.

They are still functional hotels, for travelers passing or arriving to the hotel just to rest and enjoy their trip outside the hotel. These hotels include in your service a private telephone and breakfast. They also usually offer a safe deposit box to keep your belongings and data and tourist information of the region in which you find yourself.

Three Star Hotels ★★★

These hotels have an average cost. They have ample space in each room and complete furniture with chairs, tables, cabinets, television, private telephone and comfortable bathrooms. Some even own a small refrigerator that already comes with drinks that are paid at the end of the stay in case you consume them. They are always well located, either because they are in the downtown hull of the city or because they are in tourist places close to major attractions.

They usually have meal service in the style of bars, in the morning, afternoon and evening hours, as well as a wide tourist offer for travelers through excursions. Most of them include bell service, 24-hour room service, concierge services and bilingual service in the assigned designated reception area. They are accommodations where you can stay to enjoy an extra break thanks to its amenities.

Four Star Hotels ★★★★

These hotels are considered first class: they are luxurious, with ample amenities such as large and luxuriously decorated rooms, including accessories such as hairdryers, bath gel and Cable TV. They also offer a range of facilities such as duty free shop, laundry service, business and business meeting center and leisure centers such as pool tables or cards.

They have highly trained staff that includes chefs, buttons and multilingual parkers and even guides that offers tours and visits throughout the region. They always have bar service and meals that can be received directly in the room and even some have their restaurant portion open to the public. They usually have conference rooms for business or other events, in addition to an excellent location, with luxury suites, Jacuzzi and good panoramic views. Ideal to enjoy both outside and inside the hotel for the traveler looking to rest, but also carry out activities of all kinds while you are there.

Five Star Hotels ★★★★★

These luxury hotels are characterized by offering the best service and the widest range of services, ranging from space for swimming pools, gymnasium rooms with teachers and children’s entertainers included, to a childcare service, shows and events almost all Nights. They have a space for the meals and evenings with live music, besides a letter developed by several chefs specialized in the gastronomy of the region.

Hotel classification, from one to five stars

The rooms are the most comfortable of all you can find, with very spacious spaces and all the comforts ranging from cable TV to cleaning service and personalized attention 24 hours, in addition to offering you unbeatable locations with incredible views. They usually include a free cocktail service and tickets with special discounts for events in the region. In these hotels, special congresses and meetings are organized due to their wide capacity and the number of services offered.

The rooms

Almost all hotels have more than one room class. They are usually referred to as:

Standard: the simplest category.

Superior: with more benefits and amenities.

Deluxe: it has all the amenities you can imagine.

The difference between the types of rooms is basically determined by the space they occupy, the decoration, the equipment and comforts with which it counts and the landscapes that can be seen by its windows.

Other classifications

But when it comes to finding a place to rest, hotels are not the only ones to offer a traveler a break. In addition to the so-called “stars”, there are other types of establishments that host and provide services to travelers. Depending on the area and economy of each region, you can find some of the ones listed below:

Bed and Breakfast

These accommodations, known as “B & B” are accommodations that offer “bed and breakfast” for a very convenient rate. Basically it is a simple accommodation in terms of its size and amenities, which is in a large old building or house that has been restored and refurbished to become lodging.

Generally they have a warm and familiar atmosphere, since the owners themselves take care of the guests and offer the best of the place. That is why they are so sought after: they are treated with cordiality. Also, as the owners usually live in the same place, they are almost always impeccable. Bed and Breakfast are frequented mainly by travelers who want to travel in a simple way and stay a few days in the place, but at the same time they seek to know more travelers with whom to share their experiences. Since they are cheap, they are usually full and you should always think about making a pre-reservation.

Hostels or Hostels

Usually they are accommodations where you will find travelers or backpackers, particularly encouraging outdoor activities and cultural exchange among young people from all over the world. The service offered by a hostel is the rent of a bed in a bedroom where you share bathroom, kitchen and living room with the rest of the guests. In the vast majority of cases the people staying are between 18 and 26 years of age, so the weather is always cheerful and cheerful. Hostels provide the opportunity for multicultural learning, which is why they have become so popular with young travelers.

However there are some disadvantages being in a hostel: theft can be a problem, since they are in common or shared spaces. Of course this can be prevented by locking up personal belongings. Most hostels offer you a safe deposit box to safely store the valuable belongings you can carry with you. Another disadvantage in a hostel is the difficulty sleeping because of noises, such as snoring or footsteps from someone arriving in the room late at night. It all depends on how much you are willing to tolerate in return for a cheerful and entertaining company.

The vast majority of hostels have rooms that have bunk beds, single or double. Some have rooms with private bathrooms, although at a higher cost than the community rooms. Others have shared showers, which are usually not far from the room, in the same corridor. Many hostels have their own kitchens, where guests can cook to their liking; others have their own cafes or small bars, always filled with young people willing to enjoy the trip and share their experiences with other travelers.


In most of the big cities this service is in vogue for its simplicity and prices. The service offers the rent for a certain time of a furnished and fully equipped apartment, generally intended for a family group, which for the final cost is cheaper than a high quality hotel.

They are ideal for sharing expenses with other people. In addition, staying in an apartment allows us to save some money by having the possibility of cooking right there, without having to eat in restaurants. It generates a family atmosphere. This mode is very common in seaside resorts where several friends decide to share expenses by renting a house to spend the holidays together.

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