Upper Bhavani Lake is situated at a distance of 10 km from Korakundah and over 20 km from Avalanche. The route to Upper Bhavani is replete with sholas trees and the entire area is a wildlife habitat. Tourists can go for trekking from Bangithapal through Sispara to the Silent Valley. For trekking in this region, it is necessary to get permission from the forest department.

There is a huge dam on this lake, which is the major source of water for the nearby regions. This Upper Bhavani Dam is just 60 km from Ooty and is the ideal way to reach the Mukurthi National Park. There is a wildlife sanctuary at this place, which covers an area of 70 sq. km and is home to Nilgiri Tahr. This sanctuary also features sambhar, giant squirrels, leopards, tigers, jungle cats, wild dogs and jackals, among others.

The entire region of Upper Bhavani, which gets over 5000 mm of annual rainfall, is dominated by the sholas and wattle plantations. This place is the perfect location for hiking, trekking and walking holidays. With the reservoir in the backdrop, there are few guest houses in Upper Bhavani for overnight stays.

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